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e-Toilets – Changing sanitation scenario in urban areas

In the past, we have written about compost toilets, waterless urinals, and on portable toilets. And now, it’s the turn of e-toilet, that automatically cleans after every use, monitors the water levels & flushing system and also provides safety features. The civic bodies across India are constantly looking at sanitation solution especially in public toilets. On a trial basis Delhi and Hyderabad corporations are also in the process of procuring them for public places. This automated public toilet unit developed by a Thiruvananthapuram based company is designed to improve the sanitation facilities in the urban centres.

The sleek design of the toilet unit makes it portable, easy to dismantle and assemble. The toilet unit can be connected and accessed by a web or mobile application. And thus, the implementation agency would be able to get an update on the working status, down-time, service details, etc., of the system, thus giving it more accountability. If the system fails for any reason, the implementation agency will automatically get the details on the system, its present working condition etc. It also has adequate safety and security features to ensure the protection of its users, especially for women and children. Moreover the units are also manned by authorised personnel to check any illicit access or intrusions. Besides the safety aspects, the system can also monitor the water level and the flushing system. The toilet flush can be activated with a switch, and the floor is cleaned with an internal cleaning mechanism. The water usage is based on the occupation status and time of the unit. If a person uses the system for three minutes, system will flush only 1.5lt of water. If the unit is occupied for more than 3 minutes, system will flush 4lt of water. It also has a power flushing and sucking system that further reduces the usage of water. If the user exceeds the allotted water per usage, i.e.; if the water is misused, the system will alert him on the usage. Therefore, water is optimally used in the toilet. The system can also be connected to the existing sewage system, drainage or pits. There is a compact bio enzyme tank, Bio Membrane Reactor available that can be used for the sewage disposal. The recycled water from the unit can be then used for agricultural or gardening purposes.

The unit is designed in such a way that it will use only limited power for the functioning. The lights and fans are controlled through motion sensors and works only when a person enters the unit. The system can also draw energy from solar sources if the area of implementation is apt for the solar power.

The system is fully mechanized and thus it ensures an elevated job status. The self cleaning system takes care of the floor also. Since the entire system is automatic, cleanliness can be ensured throughout the operation of the system. Periodical manual monitoring of the system can also be arranged where 50 systems are managed by just two persons. They will be provided with a vehicle and will be equipped with sterilizing machines for cleaning the units. It is a complete touch-free process.

The self sustained model also generate employment opportunities. Youth or small entrepreneurs can benefit by installing & managing the unit in their region. Beside advertisements, the inbuilt audio of the unit can be used for broadcasting messages of the same nature also. The amount collected from the public for availing the service is another form of income. The installation cost and other related expenses can easily be recovered through the daily collection. This will provide income for maintaining the unit clean and in perfect working condition.

Municipal Corporations can project this scheme as a public responsibility mission i.e. to provide hygienic public toilet system in the corporation. Since the space required is minimal and civil works are negligible, there is least effort required in installing the system. Each state has the potential to set up more than lakh of toilets.

Features of Membrane Bio Reactor

Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) is made cheaper, better, green and eco friendly which purifies waste water to make it ready for further use. Features of the Reactor are as follows,

  • Compact Design – (substantial space savings, required half the size of a conventional plant)
  • Automated operation can manage from remote
  • Almost zero sludge out put
  • Ability to handle difficult to treat bio degradable and highly concentrated effluents
  • Reliable discharge levels. Faecal coliform is practically absent
  • Cost effective, down to earth maintenance expenditure
  • Eco friendly process, no chemicals required for processing
  • Plant will be kept underground and the area above can be utilised for other purposes. Neat and clean environment can be maintained around the plant.
  • Experienced team in setting up the plant, huge client base and 100 % satisfied customers
  • Approved by Pollution Control Board


Hi-tech toilet

Innovative and smart toilets are being designed keeping toilet hygiene and periodic cleaning in mind. INAX, USA, has come up with Regio smart toilet which has built-in sensors that identify or sense presence. Once the sensors detect presence the lid of the automatically opens up. The music starts to play on its own as soon as the lid of the toilet seat opens up. The toilet seat integrates a heating element that keeps the toilet seat warm. It also automatically flushes the toilet and closes the lid. The music stops playing as soon as the lid closes.

The aroma of the deodorant makes atmosphere sweet smelling. It also includes a bidet for practical usage. When not in use the toilet is in sleep mode, saving energy. The simple and hi-tech toilet is available in black and white colours. The SD card slot in the toilet seat lets one play the music of choice.

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