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Washroom rolled towel dispensing system

Delivers controlled single sheet dispensing

Product Code: CIJ 5/18-1314
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Call: +91 22 6140 4111

Kimberley Clark Professional India’s Scott Rolled Towel System boosts hygiene without compromising on efficiency. It is designed to work in perfect harmony with the trusted and Scott® branded hand towels. These washroom dispensers are designed to support hygiene standards and deliver a consistent washroom solution suited to your workplace hygiene needs. The system pairs innovation and style with exceptional performance. This roll paper towel dispenser, with never-run-out ‘stub roll’ feature for a continuous rolled towel supply, is ideal for high traffic washrooms where consistency is key. This compact towel roll dispenser has a sleek and smooth rounded design with no dirt traps, allowing an easy one-wipe-clean for improved washroom hygiene. The dispenser offers advanced protection against cross-contamination and is the most hygienic dispenser on the market. The paper towel roll dispenser delivers controlled single sheet dispensing so users only touch the product they use, reducing contamination. Single sheet dispensing also minimises waste, helping to cut unnecessary costs. Features:

  • Hygiene and care: Airflex technology offers quicker absorption to help reduce risk of cross contamination; ‘No dirt trap’ dispenser design.
  • Confidence & cost efficiency: Trusted Scott brand delivers quality assurance. Helps reduce waste and improve productivity of cleaning staff
  • Usage experience: Proprietary technology delivers optimal usage experience. Scott Airflex Towels offer the right balance between softness & strength.
  • Waste reduction: Designed to allow users to use fewer towels. Helps create less waste.


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