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Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd’s Foamtec15 is the smallest model in the range of machines working with Santoemma patented Foamtec system. This machine allows to completely clean and sanitize public restrooms by spraying foam, rinsing and vacuuming. Foamtec15 is indicated for small places.


• Spraying of foam on all the surfaces — walls, sanitary fixtures, showers and panes
• Foam chemical action
• Rinsing with fresh water
• Vacuuming of residual water from floor.


Pubs, discotheques, motorways café; Factories; Shopping centres; exhibition halls; Cinemas; theatres; stadiums; arenas; Nursing homes, hospitals; Schools; universities; City public WC; public showers; Ferries, cruise ships; Fitness centres, swimming pools, saunas, spas; any other restroom open to public.


Better cleaning and sanitising result: The foam’s prolonged action assures to make the most of the cleaning effect of the product, ensuring both cleaning and sanitizing effect

Visual effect of foam: foam covers in white all the surfaces where it is sprayed such as walls, sinks, fixtures. The operator can therefore check that every corner has been covered, for a complete action in every point

Hygienic safety: The worker does not come in contact with the surfaces and the objects to be cleaned and does not get wet by the bouncing water, because rinsing is done with low pressure

Reduced labour: Manual work is reduced to a minimum

Saving of time: While the foam acts on the surfaces, the worker is free to operate on other surfaces

Detergent saving: The chemical is used without waste because it does not immediately fall onto the floor

Reduced power consumption: The machine requires little electrical power and therefore it can be used in any place

Reduced water consumption: the system foam + rinse at low pressure requires a minimal quantity of water.

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