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Washing, drying and sanitisation in one step

Floors remain walkable and safe 24×7

Product Code: CIJ 11/18-1339
Email: enquiry@virtualinfo.in
Call: +91 22 6140 4111

Comac India Pvt. Ltd’s Vispa 35 is the scrubbing machine that has revolutionised cleaning operations in small and cluttered environments as it is perfect to replace manual cleaning systems. The floors are in fact washed, dried and sanitised in a single step, thus remaining immediately walkable and safe.


  • Two different types of bases to obtain optimal results on any floor: with disc brush (B) or cylindrical brushes (BS)
  • Adjustable handlebar height and inclination to ensure maximum operator comfort even in case of prolonged use
  • The automatic squeegee and brush register system allows the machine to automatically adapt to any type of floor
  • Thanks to the combination of the vacuum motor and the squeegee that rotates around the brush, drying is perfect even in curves
  • Extreme flexibility given by the movement of the handlebar that can be flexed up to 180° and by the small size of the design built around the brush base
  • It is available with battery and cable in the scrubbing version and with battery in the sweeping version
  • Vispa 35 B-BS is equipped with an on-board battery charger, so when the machine is recharged, simply connect the charger cable to a normal power socket
  • Vispa 35 BS, the roller sweeping version, can collect even small solid debris and thanks to the presence of the front squeegee, it can also dry in reverse.
  • Stop & Go : in the event of momentary stops of the machine, the dispensing of the solution is interrupted and the brushes stop in order to optimise consumption and reduce waste


Designed for cleaning small shops, offices, canteens, restaurants, wellness centers, hairdressers, medical clinics, kindergartens and schools, Vispa 35 offers all the advantages of a professional scrubbing machine with the practicality and compactness that have always distinguished it. It is ideal for cleaning and maintenance of spaces up to 1000 m².

Specifications (Vispa 35 E)

  • Theoretical productivity (up to m²/h): 1050
  • Washing lane (mm): 350
  • Brushes quantity and type: 1 – Disc
  • Brushes Ø (mm): 350
  • Pressure on the brush (min – max) (Kg): 17
  • Solution tank (l): 8
  • Recovery tank (l): 10
  • Power supply/traction (V): 220-230 / semi aut.
  • Autonomy up to (h): –
  • Machine dimensions (lxhxl) (mm): 620X1050X440
  • Squeegee width (mm): 440
  • Machine weight when working (GVW) (Kg): 42.7
  • Sound pressure level (ISO 11201 – dB (A)): <70

Specifications (Vispa 25 BS)

  • Theoretical productivity (up to m²/h): 1010
  • Washing lane (mm): 350
  • Brushes quantity and type: 2 – Cylindrical
  • Brushes Ø (mm): Ø110×335-330
  • Pressure on the brush (min – max) (Kg): 14.5
  • Solution tank (l): 10
  • Recovery tank (l): 10
  • Power supply / traction (V): 12/semi aut.
  • Autonomy up to (h): 1
  • Machine dimensions (lxhxl) (mm): 718X1105X460
  • Squeegee width (mm): 525
  • Machine weight when working (GVW) (kg): 69
  • Sound pressure level (ISO 11201 – dB (A)): <70


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