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Warehouse – Cleaning Etiquettes


A store-house of industrial goods, where scores of foreigners also come to source their products needs “warehouse cleanliness etiquette”, says Kaizer Badami, Director of one of the oldest industrial goods suppliers, Badami Industrial Corporation.

Keeping a warehouse neat, clean and bacteria-free is a major challenge. Continuous cleanling operation is the key to maintenance. But certainly this can be maintained with practical measures because it reduces dangerous clutter and helps control pests. However, warehouse cleanliness is also a matter of etiquette. This not only helps you maintain a corporate culture but also ensures that anybody coming to the warehouse finds it more like a departmental store than a cramped-clumsy storing place of industrial goods.

“We have inherited a century-old system of keeping our storehouse free from foul smell of chemicals and other metallic cum non-metallic engineering and industrial goods. We classify, characterize and evaluate the danger of contamination of our premises. Subsequently, prepare a micro plan to manage this macro problem of warehouse contamination. Cleaning process with effective disinfectants is one of the measures adopted by us.

“The first step that must be taken for this is to maintain the ventilation system and daily spraying of disinfectants plus mopping (both dry and wet) every two hours. Well-designed and well-maintained ventilation systems remove corrosive vapours, fumes, mists or airborne dusts from the workplace and reduce hazards.

“Warehouses present ongoing potential hazards to the people who work in them. It can be maintained through bleaching of floors and walls, cleaning of windows and spraying of germicidal liquids.

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