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Walk-behind scrubber-driers for cost-efficient cleaning

Meets your daily cleaning needs

Product code: CIJ 6/19-1372

Floor care plays an important role in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of any facility. A walk-behind machine in cable- and battery-operated versions is best suited to clean spaces in a cost-effective manner. Charnock Equipments Pvt Ltd offers a range of walk-behind scrubber-driers to suit your daily cleaning needs.

C2545: The C2545 cable floor care machine has been engineered to substantially reduce size and at the same time, maximise performance and handling.


  • Allows hard floor maintenance in areas previously cleaned by mopping systems, but around 30% faster and to an improved standard.
  • The water tank capacity 55 litres of fresh water and 55 litres of dirty

C3450: The C3450 provides cleaning and flexibility of a large scrubber-drier that is user-friendly and efficient.

Product Code: CIJ 6/19-1373


  • Stainless steel chassis and a power head folding system
  • The water tank capacity is 35 litres of fresh water and 35 litres of dirty.
  • Adjustable handle that makes cleaning easier
  • Ideally suited for indoor cleaning from light to medium tasks such as educational institutions, auto ancillary, food industries etc.

C5050 & CB 5050: This walk behind scrubber drier is a genuine workhouse and comes in both cable- and battery-operated versions.


  • Smart traction system that comes with a 500 mm scrubbing width
  • Unique and time-tested motor and power transmission design
  • 50 litres of freshwater and 55 litres of dirty water tank capacity
  • Product Code: CIJ 6/19-1374

    Low noise levels, making it suitable to use in areas such as hospitals and educational institutions

Product Tank Capacity (Fresh water) Tank Capacity (Dirty Water) Speed Working Width Hourly Performance
C2545 25 litres 25 litres 160 RPM 450 mm 1700 m2/ hour
C3450 35 litres 35 litres 150 RPM 455 mm 1800 m2/ hour
C5050 50 litres 55 litres 150 RPM 500 mm 2040 m2/ hour


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