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Floor Cleaning Machines

Comac India Pvt. Ltd’s Antea is a high performing walk behind scrubbing machine, battery powered, offering high performances for both maintenance and heavy-duty cleaning of floors up to 2,200sqm. Specification: It is available with a disc brush with 50cm working width, cable (E) or battery powered, with traction (BT version) or without it (B version). Moreover, it comes with traction also in the scrubbing-sweeping version with two cylindrical brushes (BTS) and the new orbital version (BTO). Applications: Commercial Places, Malls, Schools, Metro Stations, Airports Railway Station

Heavy Duty Ride on Sweepers

Comac’s CS 80/110 /120 fully hydraulic ride-on sweepers for heavy duty applications are suitable for cleaning highly resistant dirt both on outdoor and indoor surfaces such as those of department stores, squares and car parks.

They are available with a battery or a diesel engine with a work-track of 112cm (CS80), 142cm (CS110) or 150cm (CS120) with one-side brush.

To guarantee maximum driving comfort for the operator at all times and maximum reliability, all the main functions are hydraulic: Traction; Lifting and emptying the rubbish container; Rotating the brushes; Vacuuming dust. CS80/90/110 sweeping machines are fitted with an innovative instrument panel, like the one you would find in a car, with instant display of all the functions. The innovative steering wheel has been designed to make driving extremely comfortable


The front box for collecting dirt has a capacity* of: 190lt (CS80); 220lt (CS90); 270lt (CS110) and is lifted by a two-piston hydraulic system operated by the handy control where the driver sits. Suction is operated by a hydraulic motor. Discharge height is 1.4m. The FS100/120 sweeping machines have been designed to ensure comfortable driving conditions for the operator. They have been studied in every detail: the driver’s seat can be accessed from both sides and the elegant instrument panel allows the operator to have the situation always under control. The CS100/120 sweeping machines have been designed to provide maximum access to the engine compartment, even in the version with a canopy or cab.

The central brush is the floating type and self-adjusts to keep in contact with the ground all the time. The fabric bag filter, with a large filtering surface ranging from 7-10sqm, is long-lasting and enables excellent results, even in environments with a high level of fine dust. The filter is easy to remove, without using any tool, in order to be cleaned up.


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