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Volkswagen’s algae biogas vehicle

German carmaker Volkswagen has showcased its algae biogas-powered vehicle at a biogas project based in El Torno Chiclana, a town in south-west Spain.

The primary aim of the scheme is to obtain a clean fuel and other high value-added products from microalgae grown with treated wastewater.

The car will use biogas produced from algae. The algae is obtained from the Chiclana wastewater treatment plant, through microalgae cultivation. The facility turns the algae into biogas which used to power the car.

The microalgae cultivation process also helps to purify water at the plant as the microalgae feeds on organic wastewater sent to the facility for treatment.

The vehicle’s engine generates zero emissions. It also includes an emergency fuel tank emergency to be used if a gas refueling station is not nearby.

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