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Virof 206 (Concentrate) Broad Spectrum Disinfectant Cleaner

VIROFF 206 (Concentrate) Broad spectrum disinfectant cleaner concentrate

Aldehyde free product
Broad spectrum disinfectant
Effective against Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses
Safe on metal surfaces
Nontoxic and non-polluting Biodegradable
Safe to use and cost effective

Viroff 206 is a high level disinfectant for disinfection of surfaces in healthcare application. Effective against Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses.

Usage: Surface Disinfection
Operation Theatres and Critical care areas – Use 0.4 % solution i e 1: 256 (4 ml in 1 Liter of cold water). Wash floors and other tiled surfaces taking care to cover corners and other inaccessible areas

The product is generally safe to handle. It should not be consumed or allowed to come in contact with eyes. Use goggles and hand gloves while handling the concentrate. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Data
Principal ingredients: Blend of surfactant and Quat.
Appearance: Blue colored Clear liquid
pH@25oC: 9.5-10.5
Specific Gravity@250C: 0.95-1.01 g/ml
Biodegradable:  Yes

Available in one liter and five liter cans.
Please see Material Safety Data Sheet for details
Shelf Life: Best before 12 months from the date of manufacture

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