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Food poisoning is alarmingly high in the modern world. Food contaminated with bacteria, viruses or toxins, can cause unpleasant symptoms, ranging from mild stomach problems to long term health issues or even worse.

It is not always due to heavy food consumed or faulty digestion that food poisoning is caused. Fresh fruits and vegetables served raw in salads, desserts and garnishes can also pose a problem, as they are exposed to harmful bacteria causing foodborne illnesses when ingested.

It is difficult to identify contamination, its volume or type or strength on the fresh vegetables and fruits. It is important to always follow good food safety practices to reduce the chances of causing foodborne illness. This essentially involves washing of fruits and vegetables before using them.

Buzil Rossari Pvt. Ltd’s Ross Tab is a concentrated tablet for disinfection of vegetables. Washing raw produce with a Ross Tab has shown to reduce the number of microorganisms present on raw vegetables.

Ross Tab disinfects the vegetables, enabling safe use.The process of using Ross Tab is simple:

  • Rinse vegetables with water
  • Prepare a solution of one tablet in 15lt water, ensuring that the tablet is completely dissolved before use. This gives 50ppm of free chlorine water.
  • Immerse the vegetables in the, solution for at least five minutes.

Commonly, it is difficult to monitor the chlorine concentration in water before sanitizing the vegetables. In such a case, a dedicated container or basin could be marked with accurately measured water levels in multiples of 15lt and the tablets dissolved well, as per the total volume of water.

Care must be taken in the contact time of the solution with soiled vegetables. If chlorine solution stays in contact with the equipment for more time it may result in surface corrosion. Due to quick action and evaporation on exposure, Ross Tab can be safely used in any type of surface, including Aluminum.

Ross Tab is designed to kill wide range of microorganisms. It improves not only the safety and quality, but also the product’s shelf-life.

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