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Vasai-Virar: A new emerging city

Vasai-Virar boasts of the youngest Municipal Corporation in the region. Since its inception, the Corporation has implemented initiatives to manage its increasing population, and provide them with a clean city. With a state-of-the-art bio-tech plant and approval to set up STPs, the region is now developing at a great speed. Kishor Borde, Municipal Commissioner talks about Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation sanitation and beautification plans.

As per the 2011 census, Vasai-Virar is the fifth largest city in Maharashtra. It is located in Thane district, just 50km north of Mumbai. Formed in 2010, the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation is maintained by its 600 employees.

The garbage collection and transportation of the region’s 89 wards are outsourced to contractors. The region is divided into five zones corresponding to five regional offices for effective management. Each zone has a different contractor and annual contracts are drawn up and extended if the set requirements are fulfilled. The requirements being, the garbage has to be collected daily and roads have to be cleaned periodically. Public places like bus stands, railway stations and market places have to be cleaned twice a day, and steps should be taken against garbage pile up. The contractors are responsible for the collection and transportation of garbage from their respective zones. Cleaning of drains and public toilets, sweeping of roads and markets are undertaken by the contractors. Manual and periodic cleaning of sewers and storm drains are also implemented. Contractors have to ensure that hydraulic vehicles are used to transport the waste generated in the region. Different vehicles are used to effectively cover the region. There are tricycles for narrow roads along with tempos and compactors to transport the garbage to the treatment plant.

Bio-Tech Plant

A 400 tonne capacity Hanjer bio-tech plant, one of the best in the region was set up in 2009 at Gokhivare. It treats all the garbage collected from the region. Since the 50 acre land around the plant is with the Corporation, expansion of the plant can be done with ease. The corporation itself segregates the waste at the plant.

Sewage Treatment Plants

The region is receiving a grant of `557 crore from the Central Government under the Underground Sewerage Scheme to build seven sewage treatment plants. The STPs will be build in phases, with two plants being planed at Chikaldongari having a 13mld (million litres per day) capacity and a 30mld plant in Bolinj both in Virar west. The plans have already received approval from the Planning Commission.

Monsoon preparation

The region has been plagued with problems pertaining to shoddy preparation for the monsoons. To combat the problems that arise during monsoons, preparations are already underway; like cleaning of drains, pipes, and removing encroachments. The preparations start three months before the monsoon. To fight the nuisance of pests and mosquitoes, spraying and dusting of pesticides and insecticides are done from monsoon to winter.


A cleanliness campaign was recently carried out in Nallasopara. Under the campaign, the drains were cleaned, the street lights were maintained and steps were taken for basic beautification of the region. To increase the appeal of the region, the parks and lakes under the Corporation are being beautified. For the beautification of the largest lake in the region, the Nirmal Lake in the Nirmal village, the Central government has granted seven crores. The tendering is in process for the allotment of this project. There is a separate department to look after the 89 lakes and over 100 parks in the region. The Corporation, in a bid to beautify the region has entered into an agreement with the Department of Forest and will plant almost two lakh saplings growing in its nursery at Maswan, 20km from Virar.

To exploit the potential of the region, the Corporation keeps stringent measures for efficiently maintaining the cleanliness of the region. We are doing our best with the man power and funds we have at our disposal.

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