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Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt. Ltd introduces a new FP 303 vacuum polisher which can be used to wax and polish all hard floors. The treatment not only improves the look of the floor, but also protects the flooring from moisture and dirt.


In contrast to most other models, the polishing head is triangular for more thorough corner cleaning. The flat construction style also enables it to be used under furniture. A wider, softer collision protection prevents damage to furnishings and to the machine. The handle can be comfortably gripped with one or both hands. A seven-metre long electric cord ensures a large working radius. The abrasive particles from polishing dust and wax residue, which accumulate during floor care, are immediately sucked up. The filter bag is stored in a textile bag on the machine. Practical storage is available here for the polishing pads in a side compartment. The shaft can be parked in an upright position. The vacuum polisher can therefore also be tipped and easily moved on transport rollers.

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