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Steam vacuum cleaner SGV 8/5 is consistent implementation of customer requirements for steam cleaning in various application areas. The SGV unites the functions of two machines: steam cleaner and wet/dry vacuum cleaner, allowing a user to steam and vacuum the water simultaneously.


  • Easy, user-friendly operation and short training period due to the easy operation panel and ergonomic hand tool for control of steam functions and vacuum function.
  • Hygienic cleanliness guaranteed by chemical and self-cleaning function
  • Cost savings and working in noisesensitive areas (64 dB(A)) thanks to the eco-efficiency mode
  • Ready to hand, save and dirt-protected storage of accessories


  • Basic cleaning toilets
  • Chalk removal in shower cabines
  • Glass cleaning
  • Removal of greese/oil contaminations
  • Hygienic cleaning of wooden surfaces etc..


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