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Vaccum cleaners from waste plastic

To make better use of the plastic garbage floating in the Pacific and other oceans in the world, Electrolux, an appliance manufacturer, has launched an initiative – ‘Vac from the Sea’. The company not only intends to convert this plastic into vacuum cleaners but also combat the scarcity of recycled plastic. Besides, the initiative will also create awareness about plastic pollution in the world. To spread the word, vacuum cleaners manufactured out of this waste will be displayed before the consumers and the decision-makers.

The company plans to tap the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Baltic and the North Seas. Depending on location, the techniques for harvesting the plastic will vary from diving after it to scooping it up from the waves.

At least 70% of the Electrolux’s green range vacuum cleaners are made out of recycled plastic and the company wishes to touch the 100% mark. As a part of the initiative, the company will work along with volunteers and experts who live close or work with this issue.

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