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The Gujarat based Hygiene Solutions offers Alcochem’s UV-A tester, a tiny and beautifully designed aluminium body device to measure and analyse the UV-A light from UV lamps. This is an extremely economical and handy device that gets connected to the Audio Jack of an Android or iPhone and with the help of an App measures the intensity of the UVA Radiation and displays on the screen. The result can be stored, emailed and printed and kept in the file for Auditors to verify.

Many a time UV-A tubes keep burning but the intensity of the UVA Radiation becomes so low that the insects are not at all attracted, thus defeating the entire purpose of having an Insect Light Trap. It is thus extremely necessary to keep a tab on the levels of UVA Radiation emitted by the UVA Tubes in the Insect Light Trap and replace the UV-A Tubes as soon as the Intensity of the UV-A dips.

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