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USFDA-approved food-safe sanitizer

Nanobubbles and Ozone cleans and disinfects surfaces

Chlorine or hot water and/or caustic Soda have been the traditional go-to chemicals for cleaning and sanitation in food processing industries. The primary reason being acceptability by statutory agencies like FSSAI and audit firms ‘as safe for food contact’.

The fact remains that hot water takes longer to do its job and caustic soda needs hot water to be effective; hence, it is a highly energy-intensive solution. Further for surface cleaning, hot water does not remain hot enough to kill all microbes.

Enzyme-based cleaning, a highly used approach lately to provide the green or sustainable touch to the food manufacturing process, is a slow process and leaves a footprint at discharge which affect water bodies.

Ozone is a highly powerful, fast and strong cleaning agent 50x stronger (so you require very less of it) than bleach and 3,000 times faster (does its job in seconds not minutes.) Ozonated water is recommended to keep fruits and vegetables fresh, remove pesticides, kill germs in seconds, and it is a very good wetting and cleaning agent. It turns back to oxygen and is hence a zero chemical with zero residue solution. It is approved by the USFDA not only as a food-safe sanitizer but food additive i.e. no rinsing is required before eating.

Accelerated Cleaning Systems India Pvt. Ltd’s Nanobubble Aqueous Ozone (NAO) at 0.02 paise/liter; thus, slashing down high cleaning costs to bare minimum besides meeting sustainable cleaning and carbon neutral objectives by eliminating chemicals, plastic storage bottles and packaging.

The on-site ozone generation systems can be connected to a normal tap water line to produce NAO whenever and wherever required. It is FSSSAI, FDA, Green Seal and USDA approved.


Airports & railways, laundries, factory facility, institutions, hospitals, clinics, hotels, restaurants, malls, public & private offices, schools and universities.

Product Details
CCS Caddy CCS Fill Station
Portable NAO generating Unit Wall Mounted
Cover large and multiple surface areas Provides continuous flow of NAO water
Inbuilt vacuum Multiple Applications


Technical Specifications
Product CCS Caddy CCS Fill Station
Voltage 220 V 220 V
Weight 43kg 16.3kg
Flow Rate 1.9 L/min 11 L/min
Dimensions (D*W*H) inch 25*18*40 6*11*15
Inlet Pressure 40-80 PSI
Amps 0.5A
Spray Pressure 10 PSI
Fresh Water Tank 21lt
Recovery Water Tank 21lt
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