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Use of tissue paper – A critical step in personal hygiene

In today’s stressful life, hygiene has become an increasingly important part as more and more people are living and working closely together! Picking up germs is easy, particularly in working environments where we share things like telephones, copying machines and door handles. We can unwittingly transmit the common cold virus to another person just by shaking hands a not too welcoming fact. Thus, the simplest way to avoid such contamination is to wash your hands properly and regularly.

Handwashing is the quickest and easiest way to reduce the amount of transient bacteria and viruses on hands.

Among the various steps in hand hygiene, the most critical one is the last one Hand Drying. Since germs prefer warm wet conditions (wet hands pick up bacteria 500 times more than dry hands), you need to thoroughly dry your hands to complete the task. Washing removes bacteria, but it is effective drying that dramatically reduces the microscopic count of the remaining germs on your hands.

Why use paper towels?

  • Research has shown that paper hand towels are the most effective drying medium,
  • Using disposable paper towels is fast, effective, convenient and economical,
  • Other methods are regarded as less effective.

The need for speed

The quality of tissue papers plays a very important role in the drying effect. As most people spend less than five seconds drying their hands, residual moisture and bacteria will remain. Due to these facts, absorption speed is a critical factor in overcoming our natural impatience and minimising the amount of remaining bacteria. Quality paper hand towels, that combine a fast absorption speed with a high absorption capacity, have been shown to be the most effective drying method.

Abhay Desai
Director-Marketing, JohnsonDiversey India

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