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US tops the world in paper consumption

Paper is the number one item recycled in American offices. And, while the US and many other parts of the world have made dramatic improvements in how much paper is recycled, huge amounts of paper are used today and there is still room for improvement. More than 70 million tons of paper is used in the US each year. An average American family uses 119 rolls of toilet paper each year, which on an average is equivalent to six six-foot trees per year, based on the number of 40ft trees consumed per year per person. Belgium uses the most paper per person in the world based on the number of 40-foot trees consumed per year per person. Around 40 percent of landfill accounts for paper products in the US. Around 334 pounds of paper were recovered for recycling from every person living in the US in 2010. California has the best paper curbside recycling program. “According to the EPA, recycling paper also helps reduce water consumption,” adds Doug Berjer, product manager for CFR. “And, especially this year with droughts throughout the US, anything we can do to save water is important.”

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