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Urinal ScreenDiversey’s latest offering Taski Fresh & Clean Urinal Screen helps conserve water. Most urinals can use between four to eight litres of water for each flush. A urinal in a busy office where 100-plus men work will use more water than one located in a small restaurant. Taking all the variables into account, in waterless concept, a single urinal in a workplace with a few dozen employees can save about 170,000 litres of water per year by using “Taski Fresh & Clean Urinal Screens”. In high-traffic facilities and in situations where providing a water supply may be difficult or where water conservation is desired, the Taski Fresh and Clean Urinal Screen, can ideally fit the bill. The combination of this product along with Good sense Odour Eliminator which is a blend of non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes results in a clean and hygienic urinal.
Widespread use of waterless urinals can produce a domino effect of conservation. Since no water is required, water utilities will not need to treat and pump as much water. Also, the absence of flushing means that less wastewater is generated requiring treatment. Smaller quantities of water pumped leads to energy savings. Therefore, water is conserved as we need water to generate electricity.

How it works :
In high-traffic areas, cleaning should occur more frequently. The following steps should be followed:
• Disconnect the water supply to the urinal pot
• Place Taski Fresh & Clean urinal screen on the pot
• Do not flush after every use
• Spray odour eliminator after every 4-6hrs, depending on traffic
• Replace the urinal pad after four weeks, or when you cannot smell any fragrance, whichever is earlier
• Do not pour water at any stage
• At the end of the day flush out waste collected in the urinal

Benefits :
• Easy and simple to use
• Saves 60% water
• External fragrance system not required
• Lower bacteria levels
• Lower operating and maintaining costs

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