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Urinal Screen or Odour control system?

A1 PRO 900 Diffuser
Product Code: CIJ 6/19-1375

E2 Power Plus Diffuser Cream Black
Product Code: CIJ 6/19-1376

E2 Power Plus Diffuser Cream
Product Code: CIJ 6/19-1377








AURAMAX 1200L Diffuser Claret                               Product Code: CIJ 6/19-1378

Both systems are necessary to resolve different problems

Occasionally we fail to understand the idea of having a urinal screen in the urinal pot with an odour control system in place. What are the fundamental yet significant aspects of both these systems? In fact, these systems are necessary in different circumstances and for the resolution of different problems.

While urinal screens integrate most of the capabilities of bad odour control systems and decompose urea deposits while minimizing the splash on the floor, odour control systems simply
keep the environment odour-free by maintaining a distinctive fresh aroma.

Think Hygiene Solutions Pvt Ltd that comes with hands on experience on providing customised washroom hygiene solutions. The Aroma A1 Pro Diffuser for odour control from Think Hygiene comes in various models with suitable refill cartridges as per application.

AURAMAX 1200L           Diffuser Black                   Product Code:CIJ 6/19-1379

Aroma A1 Pro Diffuser is powered by micro diffusion technology creating a pleasing ambience and can cover up to 900 m3 area. It effortlessly permeates the air with captivating scents. The system is equipped with a digital display with adjustable start and stop of diffuser timing. It is effective for larger areas and can be used in AHU of any property. It requires a power supply of 220-240v.

Features Diffusers & Refill

  • Adjustable diffusion and stand by intervals
  • Weekend On/Off function
  • Different language choices are available.
  • Easy and clean replacement of aroma oil cartridges
  • Made with essential oils
  • Available in different fragrances
  • Cartridge comes in 220 and 440ml
  • HACCP compliant

It is most suitable for Hotels, Restaurants, Malls, Shopping Complexes, Commercial Kitchens, Airports and other large spaces.




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