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Why should I have my upholstery cleaned? Because you have to make sure the air surrounding you is clean. While you might think that the reasons are to make the furniture look great and to improve the life of the furniture, those are basically added benefits to the most important reason. There are four reasons for regular upholstery cleaning – appearance, extended wear, health and air quality.


Upholstery cleaning can keep the upholstery looking just like new all the time and you can even have the upholstery protected against future spills that may make it look bad.

Extended Wear

Most people do not have the money to constantly replace furniture. Upholstery cleaning can help furniture last much longer. Dirt and grime on your furniture will make it age faster.


Bacteria can get deep into the furniture and cause many problems, including odours and sickness. Cleaning helps get rid of bacteria that can be harmful and cause serious health problems. Breathing problems, allergies and even eczema can be caused by upholstery that has not been cleaned. Neglecting cleaning may also result in being sick more often than well, since bacteria can be harboured in upholstery.

Air Quality

One of the most important reasons for upholstery cleaning is the air quality. Along with bacteria, other things like dust, mold, mildew and other allergens can get deep into the furniture and can cause problems with the air quality. Cleaning can get rid of the allergens and help improve the air quality.

How often should it be cleaned?

Cleaning should be done on the furniture at least every two years. Every year is great though.

Should I hire a service provider?

It is best to have a professional upholstery cleaning company to do the cleaning, as it has the equipment, knowledge and the right cleaners to do the job. While it probably would be cheaper to do it yourself, more than likely you would not get rid of the allergens lurking in the depths of the upholstery.


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