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UP proposes stringent anti-littering laws

Will impose fines on offenders

In an attempt to make Uttar Pradesh clean on lines of Singapore, the state government has planned to impose fines on people making the environment unclean. For this purpose, the state government has proposed to bring in Uttar Pradesh solid waste (Management, functioning and cleaning) guidelines 2021 and passed them in the cabinet.

Under the proposed legislation, people who were caught spitting or littering on the road from moving cars will face a fine of Rs1,000.

The government said that organisers of a gathering of more than 100 people are required to get the place clean or face hefty fines. The fine will be collected based on the size of the place, amount of garbage.

The proposed legislation is also expected to impose fines on vendors for dumping garbage on the road. They are required to keep boxes for disposing of waste and hand it over to municipal waste collection vehicles.

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