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Unique Wash & Wax Technology

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Raj-TannaThe newly launched Schutzen India, which supplies car and bike care products, is fast catching up. Speaking about the superior German technology of its products, Raj Tanna, Founder and Managing Director, elaborates on the products to be launched at Car Care Expo 2017 at Hyderabad


What are the various car protection products needed in a typical car care programme?

Typically, any car or bike care product range is divided into two categories – exterior care and interior care. Exterior care products include tyre cleaners, glass cleaners and full body wash and interior care includes products for dashboard and leather conditioners and protectants.

All our products are formulated using not just one or two but three-of-a-kind technology. Water beading technology gives roll-out effect which does not let water settle on the surface thereby enhancing both safety and shine.

Nano technology reaches the deepest corner in your car and bike and gives precision cleaning. Self-cross linking polymer technology forms a protective layer across the car and bike; thus, providing prolonged protection and care to the vehicle.

What is the range of products offered by Schutzen?

We provide a complete range for car and bike care. Car Care include Clear Shine Glass Cleaner, Crystal Shine Wash & Wax, Dull-2-shine Tyre Gel, Dull-2-Shine Tyre spray, Essential Dashboard Conditioner,

Leather Conditioner & Protectant , Leather Perfection Gel, Nano Shine Wax Shampoo, No Water Car Wash and Xtra-Shine Liquid Wax

The bike care range includes Water Proofing Instant Liquid (for Outerwear), Leather Polish, Helmet & Visor Spray Wax, Easy Wash-in Waterproofing (for Outerwear), Chrome and Paint Full Body Polish. 2-In-1 Clean and Polish.

Are these products catering to the luxury segment?

While all our products promise to class up the vehicle, there is no particular class or segment-specific products. All car and bike users are our potential audience. All those who are looking to maintain the look of their vehicle and have a thing for shine and better upkeep will find solutions in Schutzen product offerings.

More about crystals wash & wax

Our high-selling Crystal shine wash and wax product is a waterless, one shot washing and waxing solution that gives excellent water beading effect. This product deviates from the usual norm of waterless wash, followed by waxing. It is a washing and waxing solution that can be used directly on a dirty car. It does away the need to wash and dry before waxing. It is fairly simple to use – just spray, wipe and buff using a clean microfibre cloth. Cross-linking further protects the car’s surface and gives a ‘crystal’ like shine all over. The foam levels are maintained sufficient to enable a 2-in-1 application.

What is your assessment of the Indian Car Wash market?

The Indian car wash market is still in its infant stage. However, there is no doubt about the potential this market segment holds. India is a growing very quickly and has more young population in the world. The Indian political landscape has changed too giving a big push towards growth. It is expected to be within the top three biggest car markets in the world by 2020, with a forecasted sale of 11 million cars in that year. These will mostly be owned by young and aspirational people. However, there is still a need to create awareness for such products in the market.

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