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Unique Aerobic Biological Toilets

As part of its business diversification activity Stone India Ltd has now designed and developed Unique Aerobic Biological Toilets supported and funded by Ministry of Science and Technology. This unique biological toilet has now been approved for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, by Ministry of Science and Technology for installation in village homes, village communities, rural schools, urban slums, construction sites, labour colonies, parks and open spaces. The trademark product Enbiolet is also featured on the websites of Ministry of Urban Development and Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation of Government of India and has been recommended by CII for application in rural schools.

These unique toilets in Stationary or Portable form convert human waste into non toxic water through multi strain aerobic bacteria culture in a multi chamber bio digester tank. There are more than 1500 installations all over India and the product has been shortlisted for commercialization in Bangladesh through Gates Foundation, USA.

The bio toilets have a significant social impact: conserving water, protecting the environment, eradicating water borne diseases, generating bio fertilizer for agriculture and irrigation, eliminating load on existing sewage system and reaching out to the poor villagers and slum dwellers who have hitherto been deprived of proper sanitation and hygiene. There have been proven results in eradication of Infant Mortality, promotion of women empowerment and elimination of water borne diseases through total sanitation solutions like pre installation demand generation workshops, road shows, role play & symposiums, post installation training & advocacy with sustained attitudinal and behavioral change programs and social impact & health audit.

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