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Understanding the Business Economics & Ergonomics

Automobile population is poised for rapid growth. Besides being just a mode of transport, it is also expected to be comfortable and luxurious, as owners take a pride travelling in a neat vehicle with good accessories. There is a rising demand for automobile cleaning services, be it conventional washing system or specialised.

There is a need for environmental friendly methods to execute car cleaning by saving water and using minimum quantity of chemicals. High pressure water jet used with specialised tools like under carriage wash and foam generators help with achieving consistent cleaning in minimum water and optimum efforts.

There are various levels at which one can enter into this business and can graduate to the next level depending on the local acceptability and various other limitations such as availability of space, number of vehicles to be washed daily and fund  outlay of the project planned by the entrepreneur. One can start the business with an investment of `1.5 lakhs in the equipment and can go up to `25 lakhs. Beside this, other establishment and infrastructure will be required.

Stationary model is always the first choice if location permits. It may be costlier at the beginning but brings more ROI in the long run. However, a segment of customers prefers & doorstep service and the service provider takes the equipment on a mobile van and provides service at the customer doorsteps. In this case most preferred way is to use steam cleaner, using a steam generator which is diesel fired and needs nominal single phase supply. This does away with messy water washing when you are at the customer’s premises. Interior cleaning is very important to give satisfaction to the vehicle owner. From the point of view of aesthetics and hygiene, various solutions and equipment are available using injection extraction and steam and foam machines, which give a pristine interior to the car owner.

Car washing is an art and just pressing one button will not do the entire job, so programming is important in automatic units too. It should be coupled with other manual procedures too. To start with, it is important to shake hands with a competent, knowledgeable supplier of technology, equipment and other inputs, as it will help entrepreneurs get support and guidance during their initial stage to master techniques and increase efficiency in this seemingly very simple activity.

There is a good profitable and above average return on investment and favorable payback period. The key to the business is also in adding value added services in addition to basic washing of vehicles and this highly profitable business area should not be ignored.

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