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Understanding Cleaning in luxury Hotels

[box type=”shadow” ]Ravindra Kadge, Executive Housekeeper, Hotel Kohinoor Continental speaks to Clean India Journal about the housekeeping department’s hotel maintenance duties and the daily schedule.[/box]

How is the maintaining is done?

The fundamental theory of our Vice President, Hotels Division, Mukund Kamat – “You take care of interest of the staff and the staff will take care of your interest which includes customers and property” is followed by us.

The schedule of daily, weekly, fortnight and monthly cleaning is followed persistently. The support acknowledging elementary and psychological requirements of the staff is extended by adapting various methods of employee engagement. The staff is aware of these measures taken by management and in turn responds positively and whole heartedly to the requirement of the management. Systematic day to day training leads to more skillful team members.

The schedule of daily, weekly, fortnight and monthly cleaning is followed persistently. Consistent and quality cleaning by trained staff, is monitored by Asst EHK and EHK which leads to the clean, hygienic and aesthetically well-maintained property.

We receive several positive comments from the guests with regards to the maintenance of the property. As such, the property does not reflect its age of over 30 years.


Turnover of staff at the attendant’s level and sourcing of qualified staff at the entry level of housekeeping department are the major challenges we face. Multitude of work force is available, but as they say, the right person for a right job with positive attitude is something difficult to find. Though the task of housekeeping is semi-skilled, if the attitude is right, the results can be simply great.

Daily Schedule

There are certain areas in the hotel that are manned 24 X 7 X 364. These areas are cleaned minimum six to nine times in every shift. There are certain areas which are cleaned before the guests arrive and after the closing. Accordingly, the manpower is planned, and time schedules of the attendants are set. The scheduled cleaning of these important and heavy traffic areas is completed rigorously within the fixed time frame.

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