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[box type=”shadow” ]The growing market for car detailing is flourishing with more and more luxury cars entering India. South Indian hub of automobile companies along with it’s multiple showrooms across cities has given a boost to the car detailing segment all the region.[/box]

The demand for car wash and car detailing could be best understand with the process and products that go into making a car clean. Detailing begins with the correct cleaning agents used for removing dirt and grime on and below the car. Detergents, water, polishes and other solutions applied on the car to treat dust and dirt determine the lasting look of the car. Improper cleaning agents can corrode the car paint or make it dull or streaked.

Popularly in India, cars are subjected to soap bath with soap powder water. This is most harmful to the car finish. Cars need the right soap or shampoo to retain the texture. Similarly, the brushes used for removing the grime, if not right, could scratch the car surface.

Hence, the safe and best way to get cars cleaned is by handing it to auto detailers and professionals who know exactly how to treat the car without damaging and retaining the sheen of its blanket.

Detailing is the fine line of defence created to safeguard the car’s exterior and interior elements. Regular cleaning, conditioning and treatment protects the car from fading, cracking, peeling, grime and contamination.

The frequency of getting the detailing done largely depends on the usage of the vehicle and the kind of environment it is exposed to. In general, a weekly wash and a deep cleaning monthly, can ensure well maintained finish. Sealants and coatings are applied as per the requirement which could be even yearly.

Regular inspection of the car inside out is essential to determine the treatment it needs to be given chipping paint, marks, scratches, dents, etc., are indicators of giving the car a professional touch.

Some basic precautions need to be taken to avoid scratching or marring, especially in India, where flying dust and small stones can hit the car. Sealants applied on the car secure the paint to a large extent. This coating is known to last for at least two years. The scratch resistant coating will safeguard the exterior further.

In the polishing process, a soft polishing disc attached to a tool heats up the clear coat to fill in any scratches on the surface. This is long and specilised process where the car is washed and then treated in portions. Slow movements with orbital discs are made on one part of the car surface after applying a coating of the polish. Once the entire car is polished, it is rinsed and waxed to give it a perfect finish. Polishing as such is not taken up frequently as it could damage the clear coat.

A coat is a much harder and more permanent product, and it protects more than wax or sealant combined since it is typically resin or quartz-based. This harder and thicker layer of protection will often last a year or two, unlike waxes and sealants, which need to be redone every month or so.

Regular cleaning with quality products, parking at the right place, giving the car for timely treatment and preventive maintenance in the hands of professional will ensure shine and vibrancy of the car always.

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