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Model: Readymade Inspection Chambers & Manholes

Features and Benefits

Great flexibility: Due to availability of readymade inspection chambers and manholes along with long lengths of lighter weight pipes and different components, installation of this system is convenient and fast

Perfect hydraulic properties: Mirror smooth inside surface of the pipes and streamline design of the chambers and manholes reduce the possibility of blockage and maximize flow characteristics. As a result, carrying capacity of these pipes can be increased by 40% over concrete pipes

Great strength: Products are sufficiently durable to meet siteloading requirements

Watertight system: Connection of pipe, riser or the shaft with the inspection chamber or manhole base is watertight. Unique design of pipe joints with click ring and sealing ring makes the system completely leak proof

Hygienic and safe: Trouble free performance of the joints without blockage and leakage ensures high standards of hygiene

Minimum excavation cost: Because of simple jointing technique, trench width can be kept minimum. Smoother bore of the pipe allow high flow rates at relatively flatter gradients

Different flow profile designs: Inspection chambers and manholes are available in different flow profiles/ configurations of inlet(s) and outlet in different sizes to suit the site requirements. Unwanted inlets can be closed with the help of blanking plugs

Minimal maintenance: Optimum functional qualities and good hydraulic properties plays an important part in reducing the need for jetting and other forms of maintenance. Therefore operational costs are considerably reduced

Longer life and overall economy: Nu-drain is free from problems like corrosion and susceptibility to chemical reactions. It is strong enough to carry soil and traffic loads. Thus Nudrain is sufficiently durable and offers long & trouble-free service life

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