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Unbiased process of Product Selection

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Buying the right cleaning product is equally challenging when it comes to the hospitality industry. Jwala Srinivas, Associate Director-Purchase, The Park, Hyderabad, discusses the intricate but uncomplicated procurement process to ensure fair selection of products.


As purchase head, how do you go about selecting products for housekeeping and laundry? What is the criteria of selection?

As a procurement head, economy, quality, accuracy and speed of service are my department’s main objectives. Based on the results of the trial run / demo, the chemicals top the list of selection criteria. We conduct the blind test of various brands to make out the best of it without being biased. The market analysis of the products and word of mouth recommendations from the who’s who of the industry also impact the selection process.

While quality cannot be sacrificed, cost is a determining factor in the selection of products.

Quality of the product is always given high priority, as it ensures longer life of the machinery, cloth durability and extended lifespan of the products. Further, the yield of the product is higher thereby reducing the chance of wastage, spoilage or re-purchase of products. This in turn balances costs and helps in realizing return on investment. Quality products also directly affects the reduction of purchase cost resulting in a premium quality product purchase at optimum cost.

What is the difference that has been noticed in the chemicals being used earlier and now?

Quality of chemicals has drastically improved in recent times involving the latest technology of manufacturing standards, considering global warming / go green concepts, quality of packaging, ease of handling, risk free factor, bio-based, eco-friendliness and safety.

On an average of 200 rooms, 5000sqft and 2000kgs of clothes are cleaned on a daily basis with a manpower of approximately 60 people.

We allocate an approximate budget of 1 to 1.25% of our overall annual budget towards chemicals / cleaning agents.

I would like to request each and every individual to contribute their bit towards a cleaner, greener and pollution-free India for us and our upcoming generations. Let’s Go Green!

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