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Ultrasonic devices for water quality

Growth of biomass, algae, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms in water, during storage and use is a menace. Controlling the growth of microorganisms is tedious and expensive. Managing Innovation, Florida, is introducing the Clearwater System, for innovative and affordable non chemical option, and for better water quality control. The complete service for the most cost effective solution, starting from selection of the suitable device for the specific application, installation and monitoring is now available in India. These devices are ultrasonic based products, manufactured by Thomas Electronics of Belgium, the leader in ultrasonic devices. The simple devices provide easy and cost effective solutions with reduced chemical usage and supervision. These products are the results of extensive research and field trials by leading electronic scientists of Thomas Electronics. Its specific application areas are irrigation ponds, cooling tower, fish ponds, sewage treatment polishing pond, swimming pool, city ponds and fountains, boats and water systems for horticulture.

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