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Turning Dumpyard to Vegetable Farm

India produces nearly 300 million tonnes of solid waste every year, which is likely to touch 400 million tonnes by 2030. Also rising at every State are the dumping grounds or wastelands. However, there are increasing efforts being made to convert these dumpyards into greenlands through various process.

Cogo Eco-tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd has transformed the Saharanpur dumpyard to a green land and now turned into a vegetable farming land. Speaking to Clean India Journal, Rajesh Chaudhary and Alok Kant, who have brought about the change, said, “We wanted to introduce our technology in rural India which has scarce resources but this is where our actual India lives.

“We approached a small nagar panchayat called “Titron” in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh and installed the Transformer machine on PPP model at the landfill site. The change was visible within three months of operations. We converted the land into zero landfill with no discharge, no burning, no composting or use of any radiation. Today, we are growing mangoes, vegetables at the dump site.”

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