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Turkey to play host to second Pulire Eurasia in September

Afidamp Servizi srl has announced that the second Pulire Eurasia will be held from September 27 to 29, 2012 in Istanbul. This year TESHIAD will join Pulire as an official event sponsor and will be a complete and effective representative of its segment. Turkey is the fastest growing country in Europe as well as a strategic interface between East and West. It has made international cooperation its strength in strategic global relations.

The press release says that in the last two years, the increase of Turkish GDP proves the economic recovery underway, with +9% in 2010 and +8.5% in 2011 (represented by a 12% increase in the first quarter, the highest in the world, +8.8% in the second quarter, +8.2% in the third, and +5.2% in the fourth quarter). Turkey may well be the third largest European manufacturer in the cleaning segment and is quite an appropriate host country for Pulire Eurasia to represent the entire sector.

In Europe, the most recent data indicate more than 158,000 cleaning companies that employ some 3.75 million workers and generate total revenue of 62 billion euro. The data collected from the EFCI report includes figures from European Union countries as well as Switzerland and Norway. The most significant finding was that the coefficient of market penetration of the “contract cleaners” increased from 43% to 64% in the twenty years between 1989 and 2008, with peaks of excellence hit in Austria, the Netherlands, and Spain, where the number exceeded 80%. Another interesting fact was that some 90% of all industry companies (158,000 in total) employ fewer than 50 employees. In the last 10 years, the number of companies has grown consistently to the point of doubling. The movement toward managing services, including cleaning, on a contracted basis, has also resulted in a highly professional segment as well as a significant source of employment.

Another interesting fact that emerged from a study sponsored by Afidamp during the National Forum Pulire Conference was that outsourced services were found to be much more efficient than cleaning services run by companies in-house. Costs of training of personnel and purchase of professional equipment affect the final result. The level of satisfaction expressed by customers is very high in the case of services provided in outsourcing. The future tends to move in two different directions – acquisition of new customers in emerging markets and the increase in demand caused by better qualified service providers, whether internal or outsourced.

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