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Residents clamoured for high-tech solutions

Facing backlash from residents for removing garbage bins from public places in the city, which has resulted in garbage being littered in the open, the Trichy Corporation has decided to reinstate them. Around 175 modern semi-underground garbage bins and five crane-mounted waste collection vehicles are to be purchased under the smart cities mission for Rs 14 crore for the purpose.

Made of galvanised steel, the waterproof bins with sensors and a pedal to open and close the lids, will be placed in localities with a significant floating population, and markets. Around 40% of the bins will be placed beneath the surface level, over a concrete platform.

Each bin can accommodate 4 cubic metres of waste. The sensors will send an alert to the civic body if the capacity is full. Subsequently, the waste collection vehicle will reach the spot to empty the bins. The vehicles will be fitted with a GPS tracking system to ensure that the waste heads only to the recovery centres.

The civic body has floated a tender for the proposal. The contractor will train the corporation workers to operate the cranes.

Between April 2018 and September 2019, the corporation had removed around 99% of the total 1,172 container and compactor bins from the 65 wards despite opposition from the residents. The civic body had said that effective door-to-door waste collection will eliminate the need for bins and secondary waste collection. Since then, the corporation is struggling to control the garbage menace.

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