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The Trashy Smart Bag is the most popular model of the eco friendly products manufactured by the Trashy Bags company which was launched in 2007. The bags are as cool as they are practical, some with the capacity to carry as much as 20kg. Each bag is made from 70 discarded drinking water sachets. The idea behind the product stemmed from the overflow of trash in the Ghanaian capital, Accra. The trash is collected by approximately 60 employees of Trashy Bags, who process, hand wash, disinfect and sun dry the sachets before they are flattened and stitched into large sheets that make up the fabric of the products.

Since its launch, Trashy Bags says it has recycled approximately 20 million plastic sachets, collecting nearly $200,000 per month. The trash is used for 23 product lines, consisting of laptop cases, messenger bags, tote bags, vanity cases, backpacks, sports bags, purses, hats, wallets, water bottle holders and shopping bags.

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