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The term training simply refers to the process of acquiring the necessary skills required for a certain job. The specific goals of training can be highlight by the five P’s in our working environment.

  • Preserving assets
  • Producing best practice
  • Promoting sustainability
  • Protecting the cleaning operative
  • Providing a clean and safe environment

Preserving Assets

The on-going protection of assets is an essential requirement of the built environment and one that extends beyond “hard” FM disciplines including maintenance of a facility’s systems and external fabric, to cleaning and other “soft” services that focus on creating a pleasant indoor atmosphere for building occupants and visitors. Using the wrong choice of cleaning equipment or materials can damage the surface area; this can prove to be an expensive mistake. Whilst accidents do happen, cleaning operatives that have had the correct training provide a much lower risk solution.

[box type=”shadow” ]Training

Training is crucial in any professional company or organization that seeks to progress with in its industry sector.


Producing best practice

We are proud to be recognized for producing and promoting best practice for the cleaning industry for over 20 years. IPC is continuously developing standards to reflect changes in the industry and the needs of the cleaning operative. The changes are based on health and safety and best practice which are reflected in how we should be carrying out the skills with the welfare and safety of the cleaning operative and others being the main concern as well as the preservation of assets.”

Promoting sustainability

The sustainable business agenda has never been more important for both individuals and corporate organizations. The opportunities for those that understand sustainable practices and for organizations that take an expansive view of their role in the world have never been greater. Correct application to ensure less chemical products is being used so surfaces will be less likely to be damaged. Correct use and care will prolong the life span of equipment and materials meaning that fewer materials are used for creating new products.

Protecting the cleaning operative

Cleaning operatives are regularly exposed to a number of activities that may be dangerous to their health. Without adequate training, these can become high-risk activities. Exposure to infections, walking on wet and slippery floors, ect are just a few of the tasks that cleaning operatives can be faced with on a daily basis. It is therefore vital that sufficient support is provided to enable cleaning operatives to work safely, limiting the potential for harm not only to themselves, but to others that may be using the cleaned facility.

Providing a clean and safe environment

As with the safety of the operative, training ensures that the environment is free from hazards and reduces the risk of infections that could be potentially harmful to the individual or others using the facility. Knowledge of infection control and hygienic cleaning methods are vital to ensure an environment is clean and safe, unfortunately this is something that cannot be achieved by poorly trained cleaning operatives.Appropriate skills training provide the cleaning operative with a clear idea of the desired final cleaning outcome. Training reduces client dissatisfaction and eliminates the need for “rework” (and hidden costs associated with time originally spent on tasks or original materials and equipment costs), by addressing the most common reason for poor service delivery

Stephen Nath
Key Accounts Manager-Sales & Training
IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd

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