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Traffic, road woes must end

Given an opportunity, what I would like to change in Mumbai is the road traffic congestions and the condition of roads. Both are problems of horrible nature. Since I suffer from traffic phobia, I would never drive in this metropolis.

To solve the problem, the infrastructure must improve. Often we find the roads are dug up in a haphazard manner to lay telephone cables, gas lines and water pipes. The process really seems to be an unending one. No one can answer when the Mumbaikars will be able to walk around and drive safely on the roads of this metropolis. Hardly anybody knows what would be the fate of these dug up roads whose works often lie suspended. Improvement of Mumbai really seems to be a far cry. Even three or four years ago, we could reach to south Mumbai from Andheri in just one hour’s time. Now it takes a minimum two hours.

Traffic jam, a terrific problem; often I turn so frustrated while moving on a road that I feel like killing myself in the car. Getting stuck in a traffic jam under the grueling heat and lashed by dust is a real torture. Even as we hear about the metro, the traffic condition is getting from bad to worse on every passing day. When you think of Mumbai, you really wonder how you exist here. But it continues to remain the city of dreams and hopes for the teeming millions. No wonder, everyone wants to live in this metropolis.

At times, I feel we love Mumbai so much yet, do so little to improve life here. Mumbai deserves better treatment. It should be used but, not abused. We must take the problem of the roads on priority basis by finishing the works fast. With all its ancient monuments, old houses and lovely trees, Mumbai is a magnificent place to live in.

As told to Lata Khubchandani

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