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Linen control has also been a matter of concern. Staff using guest linen for cleaning purpose continues to be a practice regardless of the type of hotel and which part of the world it is located in. Several attempts to curb this practice through training have proved futile. Housekeepers work with linen keepers and in-house laundry managers to maintain the quality of wash and lengthen the lifespan of the linen. This may not be possible when the laundry is outsourced.

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In the current scenario, training is extended to cover safety, security and even disaster management. There are various safety as well as security measures in place

  – Meghana Tendulkar


A great deal of what can be achieved is dependent on the budget allocated by the management. Frequently, the department’s budget is curtailed leaving no choice but to sacrifice quality of services. That the management chooses to sideline the role of housekeeping
happens all too often which not only hampers operations but is also a demotivating factor.

Getting the labour intensive section of the hotel performing some of the most mundane tasks, it is imperative to keep the morale of the staff at its highest level. Incorporating team building exercises & employee of the month awards and applying ergonomics in all aspects of design, tools & equipment are some of the ways in which housekeepers seek to boost employee morale.

In the current scenario, training is extended to cover safety, security and even disaster management. According to Meghana Tendulkar, Executive Housekeeper – Hotel Marine Plaza, “There are various safety as well as security measures in place

a. For Public Areas

advanced-technology1. CCTV cameras
2. Controlled access to guest floors with key cards and coded access
3. Baggage scanning at the entrance
4. Metal Detectors
5. Body Frisking at the entrance
6. Sniffer Dogs for Explosives (restricted to bigger
7. Following the Standard Operating Policy for carrying Arms & Ammunition, contraband items etc.
8. Guest Lifts coming down and opening on ground level in case of power failure.

b. For Guest rooms

1. Key card for swiping (no room number mentioned on card so no security threats in case key is lost)
2. Peepholes / Door Viewers on Doors
3. Safety Chains
4. Fire Exit Door Plan in case of exit required in Emergency.

Eco Friendly Measures

The creative abilities of housekeeping staff are put into action when creating flower arrangements. These have been simplified and require less skill. Some hotels use exotic flowers that have a longer lifespan, provided they are correctly conditioned. Some hotels have abolished the use of flowers in an effort to be environment friendly.

“Flower arrangements are being phased out of most of the Hyatt hotels. Hyatt Place-Pune does not have them at all and in Hyatt Regency Mumbai, very simple, small and streamlined arrangements are made usually with anthuriums, orchids and elephant grass,” says Nupur.

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