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Towards an Integrated Future of FM Industry

Clean India Journal partnered with German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and GMR Varalakshmi Foundation to bring together the key players in the Indian FM Industry, equipment manufacturer and vocational training providers on 24 June in New Delhi. The aim of the consultation workshop was to explore both the potential and the difficulties of engaging FM Industry as a joint force towards standardized training and norms in the industry.

The day was structured around three sessions: Introducing to the VDMA initiated project “Cleaning Sector Skills for Indian Facility Management”; the “Road to FM Sector Skill Council-Why & Who?”; and the open house discussion “FM organising an Unorganised Sector” moderated by Jayaram Nair, Chairman, Virtual Info Systems Pvt Ltd.

Opening remarks

Dr. Peter Hug, MD, Cleaning Systems VDMA introduced the aims and objectives of the workshop and the CSSIFM project. Meena Raghunathan, Director, GMR Varalakshmi Foundation thanked the participants and focused on how ‘dignity & skilling’ has been a critical element of running the training program ‘Facility Care and Management’ in partnership with VDMA. Key concerns/issues raised by participants during these opening remarks are:

  1. An impetus to Research and Certification at all levels of the FM industry,
  2. FM Industry is in strong need of processes and systems 
  3. A focus on not just skilling but re-skilling, multi-skilling and upskilling in FM industry to make workers’ lives better.

Introducing the project, Preyansi Mani, Master Trainer, VDMA India said that Cleaning Systems division of VDMA aims to skill people in professional cleaning industry and to introduce professionalism and mechanisation in the cleaning industry in India. Key objectives being:

  • Raising the status and standards of professional Cleaning Industry in India through Vocational Training & Certification
  • Raising awareness about the professional opportunities in the sector among school drop-outs and Youngsters
  • To facilitate growth of cleaning sector in Facility Management by attracting more skilled youngsters to the industry thereby enhancing delivery of high-quality cleaning services

[box type=”shadow” ]There is need for the support of the industry players, industry bodies and other stakeholders for skill development in the industry sector.

The other parameters are:

  • Alignment of organized and unorganized market segment of industry sector in the proposal, and plans thereof.
  • Robustness of overall plan and operating model.
  • Ability to integrate the entire skill development framework into a scalable model, as per needs of both the employer and the employee.
  • Ability to leverage financial requirements.
  • Ability to leverage management capability.
– Jayaram Nair


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