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The University of California statewide IPM Program has developed a portable, touch-screen computer kiosk program to help consumers solve pest problems, protect the environment, and prevent runoff from residential landscapes.

The IPM Kiosks contain information in English (972 KB, PDF) and Spanish (984 KB, PDF) on over 60 common home and garden pests, including pest identification and management, alternatives to pesticides and least toxic pest control, as well as safe use and disposal of pesticides. The kiosk also has tips related to proper watering, fertilizing, and avoiding problems associated with garden chemicals. Kiosk users can look up a pest by category and name, or diagnose a problem on plants. Kiosks are placed throughout California as part of UC Master Gardener outreach events and in nurseries, libraries, county fairs, garden shows and expos, and plant clinics.

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