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Tools and equipment for effective cleaning of fast food joints

Fast food has become an inevitable part of everyday life today and the demand for quick & clean food outside home is increasing by the day. The convenience and quick service of fast food joints attract higher customer traffic and thereby puts pressure on these outlets to maintain higher standards of cleanliness and hygiene compared to regular restaurants. The areas to be cleaned – before and after working hours – for the upkeep of the premises is manifold and the time available limited. Hence, there is a need to use the right kind of equipment for effective cleaning.

Dust Mops remove fine dust particles and solid elements before damp or wet mopping. Dry sweeping helps remove loose dust and dirt. They can also be used as an intermediate cleaning step to reduce the frequency of wet or damp mopping. The process itself is extremely fast as floors are left dry. Dry mopping can be done even during business hours.

Bucket-less microfibre wet mop system eliminates the use of traditional bucket and mop system which is not customer friendly. The self-contained no-bucket and no-wringer system is suitable for routine maintenance of hard floors. With a large solution tank and an aggressive microfibre cleaning head and the ability to convert instantly from dust mopping to wet mopping, the bucket-less system is as versatile as it is easy to use. Microfibre heads can be attached and removed in seconds with no ties or snaps to deal with. Further, with the bucket-less system, one is always cleaning with fresh solution instead of redistributing dirt and grime.

Wet Mops with Mop Buckets help clean different kinds of floors of different dimensions and also different kinds of soil & dirt. Different kinds of wet mops with single or double bucket trolleys are available for extensive cleaning of all types of floors in kitchens, restaurants and washrooms after the business hour cleaning.

Dust Pan and Broom with handle helps collect spillage of food and waste on the floor, as it has to be removed immediately before the customers step on it. This can be effectively done with dust pan and broom.

Window Washers and Wipers help keep glass doors and windows of fast food joints spic & span. Doing it manually with window washer & wipers would be easier.

Dustbins help in one of the most important aspects in cleaning – collection & disposal of waste material. While the bins inside should be of good quality and should have aesthetic appeal, the ones outside should be strong enough to withstand the weather and be compatible with the civic disposal systems.

Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaners: They are the right machines to clean heavy spillages in restaurants and kitchens.

Floor Washing Machines: Even though you use dust mops and wet mops to clean the floor, at the end of the day the floor needs more extensive and thorough cleaning to make it really clean. There are many types of floor washing and scrubbing machines.

The factors which affect the machine selection are:

  • The space available for cleaning (in between and underneath the tables and equipments),
  • Different types of floors on which the machine is to be used (from the restaurant floor to kitchen floor),
  • Type of dirt on the floor (from fine dirt in the restaurant area to the oil and greasy dirt in the kitchen area), and
  • Ease of use and portability.

Floor washing machine with cylindrical brush system has more cleaning power compared to other disc brush machine and this can clean tiled and grouted floors effectively.

Steam Cleaners: Traditional cleaning methods remove dirt mechanically by water and chemicals, but some dirt can still remain in the pores of the surface. Disinfectants also act mainly on the surface. A sparkling surface may not always be completely hygienic. Cleaning with high temperature steam is necessary to reach the organic materials deep down the surface. The dead organisms, even in the innermost pores, can then be removed by using only water and microfibre cloths. New germs cannot find a proper ground to grow. Steam cleaning without the use of expensive chemicals is effective for counters, tiles, serving lines and waitress stations. The cleaner removes grease from cooking surfaces, oven doors and grill hoods. It sanitises food preparation area, forms added protection against contamination due to bacteria & viruses and polishes stainless steel surfaces without expensive chemicals.

High Pressure Washer: It is ideal for cleaning ducts, signs, dumpster area and parking lot. A pressure washer is a necessity for those in the restaurant business. Owning one allows for do-it-yourself for endless cleaning duties.

You can start inside by using your pressure washer to give the kitchen hood, duct, filters and fans a good cleaning. This will allow for better exhaust. The exterior of the restaurant and the outside seating areas can also be cleaned with high pressure washers.

Indrabanu G. R. T.
Manager-Projects, Roots Multiclean Ltd

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