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India needs more education around hygiene. SCA Hygiene India gives an account of the consumption pattern in India’s huge tissue market.

What are the different types and kinds of tissues? Which are the ones that are fast moving in India and its applications?

India provides the tissue industry with a huge potential, but more education around hygiene and the use of tissue is needed. The per capita consumption for tissue in India is very low (5-7 grams) compared to other countries. This category is still perceived as an ‘unnecessary luxury’ and seen as a commodity.

In AFH there are various applications for tissues

Paper Hand Towels:

Just washing our hands is not a complete solution, drying your hands is also important. In earlier days, we used to see Turkish cloth towels in washrooms which were highly unhygienic & were the key source for cross contamination. Eventually, paper towels have found their way into public washrooms. Use of paper towels brings two key benefits —

  • Use and throw: Which means no cross contamination
  • Paper: Which absorbs and dries hands completely and quickly

SCA offers paper towels under the Tork brand in various formats: C-fold, M-fold, single fold and the latest preferred format is Rolled towels. SCA does not only offer Tork paper hand towels, the company also has a strong track record in consulting its customers on the right format of the paper towels considering the washroom size, traffic etc. SCA and Tork are the first in India to introduce 2-ply hand towels on the market. 2-ply towels deliver better results in terms of drying while at the same time reducing waste.

Toilet Tissue

Toilet paper is not very popular in India, as water is more preferred than disposable toilet tissues.

Toilet tissues are available in rolled and folded format. Conventional toilet rolls are widely used in India considering its price and availability. Recently, SCA has introduced an innovative rolled system in this category called Smart one Toiler Paper System. This is a unique system with a dispenser and one-at-a-time dispensing. The covered system keeps the roll intact and one-at-a-time dispensing of toilet paper provides hygienic and sustainable consumption control.

Facial Tissue

This category is mostly driven by the consumer industry. In the AFH sector, facial tissue can be found in conference rooms and hotel guest rooms.


In India, traditional napkins are widely used. All restaurants, canteens, catering services provide quarterfold napkins. The napkin market provides a high potential but is very price competitive. Customization, i.e. printing logos on the product, is a key demand from the end customers to get maximum brand mileage.

Considering its belief in innovation, SCA has launched a system-based napkin system which dispenses one napkin at a time. This new system is called Tork XpressNap and consists of dispenser and napkins. This unique system brings more hygiene and branding opportunity, as well as allows for better control over the napkin consumption.

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