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“Machines, generally come in various models with variations, but the new Numatic ride-on scrubber drier is a model which can be set to three different working widths with just a flick of a button. We call this machine as a VARIO since this one machine can be operated in three different sizes of 650-750-850mm by just a flick of a lever. In less than 30 seconds, it switches over to your required scrubbing size. The clients worldwide would have a distinct advantage of buying one machine for three different sizes of applications. The operator can programme the machine to his specific requirements and preset it, which are memory enabled. No fuss, just press a button and it starts cleaning.”


Usually, housekeeping service providers would require various sizes of scrubber driers depending on the applications. Say, a factory could have large as well as small shopfloors requiring multiple investments in different sizes of scrubber-drier. Vario not only does away the need to have multiple machines, as it can be altered according to the area of the shop floor, but it also saves on time. A two lakh sq. ft area on 650mm size would take around two hours to clean but with the option of three sizes in one machine, the same area could be cleaned in one and half hours with the variation of 850mm.

Market in India

The ride-on scrubber drier has been recently launched in India. The stocks have arrived and we have alraedy sold a couple of machines as well. The market potential is big, since most of the airports in India are getting upgraded/renovated. The scrubber drier could be ideal for shopping malls, hospitals, automobiles and many other allied industries. Though the market is big, because of the general slowdown, we have to move slowly. However, I am sure in the next few months, things will start looking up.

Response worldwide

Well, the machine has been very well received and the end customers are excited with its unique features. With Numatic having very good distribution network globally, the reach to end customers is very quick. With quality and innovative product in hand we are getting very good response.

Costing and Training

The machine is very aggressively priced and we would compete in the market very effectively. We are going to provide DVD for installation, demo and operations. Besides this, our Engineers are well trained to educate the end customer on its daily usage and maintenance. Charnock has a very wide network of sales and service outlets across the country and hence service to customers will be a pleasure.

The other innovative products

We are working on a lot of products to be introduced in India and are waiting for the right time

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