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Be it office, malls, movie theatres, hospitals, institutions, or public places, sanitation is of utmost importance and to keep the area clean is one of the big responsibilities. Buckets, cleaning agents, cleaning cloths, brooms, mops and many other products are available to maintain hygiene and sanitation. Mopping, by far, is one such cleaning process that is commonly followed in almost all premises, says Bipin Padhi, Director, KC Green Revolution Pvt Ltd.


The three-bucket mop wringer trolley helps wring out the wet mop without much of an effort with the hand. The first bucket contains water with detergent in which the mop is first dipped. The mop is then rinsed in the second bucket and dipped into the third bucket which can also contain a disinfectant, before mopping the floor. (Source: Swachhta Abhiyaan Guidelines for Public Health Facilities)
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When it comes to critical area or high traffic area, the three-bucket mop wringer trolley becomes a common requirement in every hospitals and dispensaries. Available in various sizes, shapes and colours, the three-bucket mop wringer trolley is handy and preferred. Not only hospitals, even offices or malls and other public facilities where the chances of bacterial infection are high, adequate system is required to control the spread of infection.

The three-bucket mopping system ensures that the bacteria that settles in the mop while mopping one place does not get transferred to another, as the mop is rinsed in the third bucket consisting disinfectant.

The third bucket which is used for carrying disinfectant is a new addition to the twin-bucket wringer trolley. Green Revolution has manufactured and launched the first threebucket mop Wringer Trolley in India. The product is also available in heavy duty plastic or metals and provides more durability and longevity. Wheels and handle bar help to steer easily from one place to another. This three-bucket mopping system is made of highest quality of raw material.

Today, we can find various types of wringers in the market which may range from press down to side press. Again, there are constant modifications being made from time to time. But the aim is to help in the overall process of cleaning by keeping the clear and soiled water separate, help minimize the efforts and make the cleaning process effective. Some of the features include:

  • Providing more control over the wetness
  • Flexibility as per movement
  • Ease of handling and no bending required
  • Effective means to keep the water in three different buckets: clean and soiled
  • Options to choose metal or plastic
  • Ideal for any environment — from hotels to institutions to malls and hospitals

Today, the time has come when we should plan and move from the manual process of cleaning to the much-improved easy process, especially in bigger complexes and hospitals. With three bucket mop wringer trolley, you are now more advanced in terms of cleaning and infection control.

Having started in 2009, Green Revolution is a certified and leading manufacturer & distributor of a wide range of cleaning products, including all types of dustbins, recycle containers, bio medical products, and cleaning equipment. Our technological advancements and time-to-time surveys and research has made us one of the trusted and reckoned companies in the industry. Today we are known for manufacturing wide variety of professional sanitary and cleaning products that are less hassle free and requires less maintenance. Our outstanding performance, cutting-edge solutions, skilled expertise, series of quality checks, timely operations, and on-time delivery of products and services, make us a leading player in the domain. We value our customers and our goal is to achieve client’s satisfaction. of all forms of dustbins and cleaning and hygiene products in India.

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