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Things that you need to know and expect from a house cleaner

Having a maid service is no longer for the rich and for the elite, it is actually now very common to hire a cleaning service since 1 in 3 homes are now employing them.

Although it is now becoming common, there are still those who have never dealt with a house cleaner before and they may come from a background that has never employed any cleaner before.

Between work and home, things just do not slow down. You may find a little free time for your self in order to relax but you may find yourself having to clean your house.

If you do not wish to do it yourself then you can hire a professional house cleaning services who are tailored to each homeowner’s needs.

With these benefits in mind, here are what to expect from a house cleaner:

1) Every room gets cleaned

One of the things on what to expect from a house cleaner is that all rooms will be spotless. If you add up all of the hours that are spent on routine housekeeping every week, then you will get an idea on how much free time you can actually enjoy when you leave the chores to a home cleaning service.

They can wipe and mop your floors whether it be vinyl or tile. They can vacuum and check for troubled spots on your carpets and rugs.

The door and window frames will be dusted, and all the fingerprints will be wiped away. The trash from each of the rooms will be collected and emptied.

The cobwebs will be swept all clear from the corners high and low and everything will be dusted including the shelves, furniture and the counters.

2) Each Space gets attention

Another thing on what to expect from a house cleaner is that they will make sure that the basic housecleaning and home organizing will be done in every single room and that each of the space will be given the needed focus and attention.

The professional house cleaners will include these room-specific chores with their regular visit.

Kitchen and Dining Areas

The counters will be cleaned, sanitized and they will be polished. All of the grease and the splatters will be cleaned from outside of the oven, the range and the hood. The stove-top drip pans will all be washed and polished.

The fronts of all of the appliances will be wiped down and shined. The microwave will be cleaned inside and out.

The sinks will be scrubbed clean and the chrome will be polished. The tables and the chairs will all be wiped clean.

The living areas and the bedrooms

The lamps, the ceiling fans and the fixtures will be dusted. The closets will be vacuumed, and it will be cleared of all the cobwebs.

The beds will be made, the furniture pillows and the cushions will all be fluffed. Everything that will wall-mounted will be dusted and it will include the window blinds.

The master bathrooms and the half-baths

The vanity counters and all of the sinks will be cleaned and polished. The tubs, the showers and the shower doors will all be cleaned.

The sink, the mirrors and the tub and the shower fixtures will be shined, and all of the toilets will be scrubbed, sanitized and all deodorized.

3) They do deep house cleaning

House cleaners offer deep cleaning services, and when they say deep cleaning, they do mean taking every surface, corner, floor and window in your house. It is a tiring job and a big one as your home deserves it at least twice a year.

This means that your kitchen stove, your range and your hood interiors are cleaned and degreased. The areas behind the heavy appliances like refrigerators and washing machines will be swept clean.

The furniture upholstery will be vacuumed including all of the areas that are under the cushions and the pillows.

The hardwood floors will be cleaned, biffed and all polished, the carpets will be steam cleaned with special focus on high traffic areas.

The bathroom tiles and the grout will be cleaned and sanitized, and all of the windows will be washed and shined inside and out. HVAC system air ducts will be cleaned throughout the home.

4) You get to relax

You no longer need to do your traditional spring cleaning routines because there will be professionals who will do it for you. They can take care of your home beautifully all year round.

There are different benefits of letting someone else do the cleaning for you, you will have a healthier indoor air quality and your house will always smell fresh and clean.

There are professional groups that you can call depending on the job like hoarder cleanup and estate cleaning.

There are also extended life for regularly cleaned upholstery and carpet. There is also extra help in making the house look better and shine before and after you entertain guests.

You will have the peace of mind when there is an unexpected guest that will drop by and you will have more free time to relax and do what you want instead of cleaning.

About  the  Author: 

Davrie  is  no  stranger  to  arts  and  creativity.    Through  her  home-improvement  blog,  https://buildersandhammers.com/  she  translates  her  expertise  into  easily  digestible  words  and  seeks  to  connect  with  similarly  minded  businesses  to  help  home  owners  and  do-it-yourselfers  achieve  their  living  comfort.  Other  than  being  a  writer,  she’s  also  a  digital  nomad,  a  digital  marketing  nut,  and  enjoys  spending  time  at  the  beach.

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