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11th Anniversary of Clean India Journal


Tony Chazhoor Managing Director, IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd

There are many contributions made by CIJ to the cleaning industry. The most outstanding of all is the Indian Cleaning Industry being addressed as an ‘Industry’ today. This is majorly due to the awareness created about India’s market potential in the Indian and International markets, and the significant visibility gained thereof through the medium of Clean India Journal. Thereby, bringing about a 360-degree improvement in the product offering and the demand.

Also CIJ played and continues to play a pivotal role in organizing and bringing together all the stakeholders under the umbrella of Clean India Show, which over the years has transformed into the industry’s own show of strength and the much-sought-after networking platform, bringing together the global players and best practices, and eliciting the much needed enthusiasm in a country aspiring to be more clean & green each passing day!

We would look forward to CIJ’s continued leadership role in bringing up cleaning standards of our country to realize the dream “Clean India” which was envisioned while naming the pioneering magazine 11 years back.

Well done CIJ Team and we shall continue to support and wish all the best for all your continued endeavours to make India a better place to live for all of us and for our future generations.

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