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Model: Nu-Drain underground drainage and sewerage system

• Collection, and transportation of domestic, commercial and industrial soil and waste from building to roadside sewers or drains to treatment plant or disposal point
• Great flexibility, perfect hydraulic properties, great strength and durability to meet site loading requirements
• 100% watertight, free from ingress and seepage of water
• Prevents soil and water pollution; ensures high standards of hygiene
• Choice of the raw material, the structural accuracy and the strict quality control imparts high degree of reliability
• Approved by MCGM

Specification Ultra Inspection chambers:
Readymade inspection chambers available in 250, 315, 355, 450 and 600mm sizes as per British standard

Different pipes like solid wall PVC pipes and structured wall pipes like Eco-drain and Foam core pipes besides HDPE pipes

Fittings and accessories:
Fittings and accessories including master traps

Supreme Ultra Manhole provides corrosion and chemical resistance. Designed and tested as per EN 13598, made available in spacious 1.0 and 1.2m sizes in different configurations. Is suitable up to 6m depth.

Model: Safegard Septic Tanks


• Robust design with great strength. Simple and quick installation
• Complete corrosion & chemical resistant
• Hygienic and safe with 100% water tightness
• Free from infiltration and ex-filtration
• Economical with minimal maintenance
• Long life: expected to last more than 50 years under ideal conditions
• Safe against anti-flotation
• No root penetration, eco-friendly
• Confirms to various National /International standards, building code and regulations
• Available in various capacities

Cleanage Readymade Toilet Blocks & Urinals

Can be directly installed along with Safegard septic tanks. Products can be made available for use immediately. The products are free from corrosion & chemical reactiveness. Has a smooth surface, and can be cleaned and washed easily. The ‘Cleanage’ toilet blocks are provided with circular vent opening on roof and louvers for free air circulation to provide effective ventilation. The men’s urinals are provided with inbuilt flushing arrangements. One unit of this urinal block contains four urinals with 200lt overhead water tank & necessary drainage accessories.


Readymade structure with inbuilt accessories. Compact & user friendly. Complete in all respects with required traps, plumbing accessories & electrical connections (Toilet Blocks). Light in weight, cost effective and lasts long.

Applications: Rural Sanitation, Construction sites, Schools & hospitals, Public places in Municipal areas, Sporting events, Different events & religious gatherings like Kumbh melas, Military camps, Parks & gardens and Historical places & picnic spots.

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