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The Smart Care Trio is the perfect carpet cleaning system for facilities with large modern-day carpets laid at Airports, corporate offices, convention centres, cinema halls etc. This three-cylindrical brush machine agitates and lifts carpet piles in one quick pass. Best recommended for contractors and property owners who are looking for immaculate maintenance and consistent results.

This Low moisture carpet cleaning machine combined with additional third brush ensures quick drying and eliminates the need for deep cleaning. The Inbuilt Third Brush mechanism provides increased mechanical action which delivers excellent results even on heavily soiled carpets in high traffic area.

Available in 15- or 20-inch sizes for a variety of cleaning applications. The uniqueness of the third brush is to transfer the dislodged dirt & soil from the front brush to the container. The third brush also supports easy manoeuvring ensuring fatigue free operation. It also has an integrated debris collection hopper and removable handle to ease storage and transport.


  • Smart care Trio’s cylindrical mechanism enhances the performance and reduces time taken for carpet maintenance up to 50%
  • Easy controls for swift operation
  • Increased efficiency due to mounted solution tank and integrated debris collection hopper


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