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The one-stop solution for pharma cleaning

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Product feature
Dev gupta

Dev Gupta, CEO, Sanosil Biotech

No manufacturing segment has more stringent cleaning requirements and standards than the pharma industry. The choice of cleaning chemicals used here is intimately linked to the quality of the finished product, and is hence of utmost importance. Dev Gupta, CEO, Sanosil Biotech, gives us the lowdown on how a single product can have multiple applications across pharma manufacturing facilities, and also help them meet quality control standards.

The pharma industry requires cleaning products that do not interact with its raw material or finished product in any way. How does Virosil Pharma cater to this market?

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry has some of the most exacting requirements for sterilization and decontamination. Virosil Pharma is a one-stop solution that effectively protects all critical surfaces that come in contact with manufacturing, filling, packing, storage areas, instruments, equipment, water tanks and pipelines. All can now be pathogen-free and sterile to comply with worldwide standards.

It is eco-friendly and can be used in a variety of applications ranging from aerial disinfection, surface cleaning and cleaning in place (CIP) requirements.

How do the features of Virosil Pharma meet the minimum standards for cleaning in pharma set by regulatory bodies?

Virosil Pharma’s proprietary formulation of H2O2 + Ag breaks down the cell wall and the genetic material of all types of microbes, giving 99.999% eradication (5 Log Reduction).

This unique formula has been tried and tested over 25 years. It has successfully secured approvals from different organizations, societies and governments worldwide and is a trusted sterilization partner in more than 35 countries. It delivers a 99.999% kill rate, documented by scientific research and laboratory tests worldwide.

Hydrogen peroxide and silver are on the approved list of the US-EPA’s List of Approved Chemicals allowed for use in Pharma Industries. The product is also approved by many other countries (i.e. Switzerland, Australia, UK, Germany, etc.).

Product feature

Since much of pharma manufacturing is now mechanised/automated, what are Virosil Pharma’s solutions for machine cleaning/surface disinfection?

Virosil Pharma is non-corrosive and ideal for all types of surfaces in the recommended concentrations. It also successfully penetrates bio-films and eliminates bacteria while maintaining a long residual level of disinfection in water tanks and pipelines. This makes it the product of choice for CIP applications.

This also helps manufacturers overcome the disruption problem because it is absolutely safe to leave in the water. Better still, the longer it is in the water, the better the results since even at low dosages, it effectively attacks biofilms which harbour most bacterial colonies.

How does Virosil Pharma help pharma companies consistently maintain quality standards?

The Virosil Pharma brand is a part of the manufacturing SOPs of global MNCs because it complies with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standards and all HACCP requirements in all applications, covering the three principal hazards of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP):

Finally, Virosil is also totally safe for human contact and therefore, it is the solution of choice for handling disinfection and fumigation duties at pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities across the country.

Physical •    Odourless, colourless & tasteless.

•    Effective in a wide range of pH and temperatures.

Chemical •    No toxic chemical residue as it is completely biodegradable into natural elements (H2O2 + O2).

•    Consists of simple, non-toxic, environmental-friendly components.

Microbiological •    It is a highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant against all germs (Bactericide, Virucide, Fungicide, Sporicide, Algaecide, Amoebicide and Biofilms).

•    It is stable for a long period of time so it has long term efficacy against all types of microorganisms in case of post-treatment contamination.

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