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More than just fresh air

The sense of smell is a crucial part of our sensory experience, allowing us to detect and distinguish various odours in our environment. Our noses contain specialised cells called olfactory receptor neurons that are responsible for detecting smells.

The brain also plays a role in associating certain smells with memories and emotions, which can influence our perception of a smell. Interestingly, our sense of smell is closely linked to our sense of taste, and the two senses work together to help us experience the full range of flavours, leading to a positive feeling that provides a better customer experience.

Did you know?

As per the survey conducted by the Hotel School (The Hague), 81% of guests expect absolute cleanliness with regards to odours in the room. Of those who experienced bad smells during their stay, 75% did not want to stay again in the hotel, and 72% did mention that to their family and friends.

Diversey has launched a new air care system: Good Sense Nomad Aroma Diffuser & Good Sense Barrettes

This system is recommended for medium to large areas. This system gives continuous fragrance using a patented gel -active technology, which will help to remove the bad odours like the smell of smoke, musty smell etc.


  • Versatile: Discreet, for continuous use in guest areas
  • Fast: Eliminates bad smell in 30-45 min maximum
  • Plug & play: Adjust perfume intensity according to your needs

Good Sense Solo

Gel-based cake for continuous treatment of rooms. This innovative product does not require any dispenser or holder for placement. Just place the product inside the AC duct. Very simple to use but very effective.


For all hospitality sector facilities (hotels, casinos, gyms) which want to enhance guest experience, improve their operations and increase their revenues.

  • It brings performance and peace of mind in a simple, economic and sustainable way,

•   Thanks to its safe and efficient gel technology, its unique versatility, modern and plug & play concept.

Product Code: CIJ 10/19-1405

Product Enquiry:

Email: enquiry@virtualinfo.in

Call: +91 22 6140 4111

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