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The many facts of warehouse security

Mohit oberoi

Mohit Oberoi, Head, Integrated Technology Solutions, G4S India

The ‘post a man at every door’ model of warehouse security is long outdated. We asked Mohit Oberoi, Head, Integrated Technology Solutions, G4S India about the various ways in which technology is strengthening security at warehouses, to the extent of becoming its mainstay.

From terminals and ports to warehouses and delivery stations, what are the security challenges affecting the supply chain?

Some of the challenges observed in the terminals and ports to warehouses and delivery stations are:

  • Loss/misplacement
  • Pilferage/Theft/Intrusion
  • Damage
  • Expiry
  • Tracking & Visibility of goods in transit/ stored.

What are the categories of tech-backed solutions that you offer for the above?

We offer a mix of RFID-based asset tracking, storage surveillance, integrated access control, vehicle tracking systems, video analytics, fire/smoke detection & suppression, incidence detection & response PA systems, integrated command & control centers and more.

How can electronic security solutions be implemented at warehouses?

Deploying integrated security solutions to secure a warehouse/multiple locations is critical. G4S offers seamlessly integrated Fire & Security solutions coupled with centralised response & mitigation to ensure a real-time security view across enterprises/locations, as well as preventive response.

What are your solutions for automated access control?

Not only do we deploy end-to-end automated state-of-the-art integrated access control solutions, but we also have real-time incident management tools like ‘G4S Risk 360’ to ensure real-time incident management is tracked.

Are you using video analytics for warehouse surveillance? How so?

Yes, our Command & Control solutions are based on Video Management systems (VMS) which use big data based industry algorithms for industry specific video analytics and also automate incident response through machine learning tools. It is a real game changer.

What parameters do you monitor on the digital security dashboard?

We monitor all standard security parameters of incident alerts (Intrusion, Health & Safety, Fire, Pilferage/Shoplifting, Damaged goods, Efficiency, Access Control), their severity categorisation, adherence to response SLAs, escalations, repeat incidents , false alarms etc., along with tailor-made parameters for specifics like goods in transit, batch expiry, re-order levels etc.

As part of security services at warehouses, what are your fire safety solutions?

G4S offers end-to-end, seamlessly integrated Fire Detection & Suppression solutions for warehouses, depending on the nature of goods stored ranging from water-based to gas, hydro- and foam-based automated systems.

Where does technology feature in all this?

Integrated Security Solutions offered by G4S for this segment not only ensures detection & mitigation of all standard security parameters/aspects but more critically use technologies like RFID & GPS for real-time monitoring, predictive analysis and immediate response.

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